You can FEEX it!

Just take a video
No forms!

Tradie in the phone

It’s super easy to FEEX plumbing, electrical, or any other problems without needing to google ‘tradie near me’!

Here's how


Upload your problem

Take a quick video on your phone explaining the ‘clack clack clack’ sound in your pipes as it’s happening, and upload it using our intuitive wizard

Just take a video

Get connected to an expert

Accurate location data will connect you to a verified local tradie in your area

Get the call back

Sit back and watch the problem get FEEXed

Get help with house repair without needing to Google, phone around, or ask your mum or dad for help

Enjoy the FEEX

Welcome to the future of home repair

There’s a tradie near you
Some features still loading

Easy to use

Super easy

Simply record a video explaining your leaking pipe, cracked roof tile, or other home repair problem as naturally as you would to a friend


Get connected

Feex connects you to a provider that knows exactly what to do and is ready to help immediately or at a scheduled time

Anxiety Free

Timely arrival

Easily track the location of the local expert that’s been matched to your problem – without an awkward phone call or anxiety about their ETA


Safe and trusted

All Feex providers are verified and tested to ensure that they only provide work of the highest standard


Skip phone calls

No more awkward calls trying to explain what you need to countless different providers – just upload your video!


Speak your language

Upload your video in your own language and Feex will match you with a provider that understands you and your needs

Skip google and just FEEX it

Are you Googling your home repair problems, scrolling through endless listings, and struggling to find a reputable, affordable tradie near me?

Just send a 20-second video of your problem before getting back on with your life!

Feex makes it super easy to get the help with house repairs you need as quickly as possible.

All our providers are community sourced, providing solutions for the locals that need them.

Find a tradie and get help with house repair issues no matter what they are – or where you are with the same video you’d upload to TikTok.


Don’t let overwhelming information hold you back any longer

The best part of all?

Feex is completely free!

Our database gets linked to your problem without you needing to do a thing – and you can be sure that the tradie that gets connected to you is 100% verified.

Stay updated on all things Feex

If you don’t need to Feex it now, we’d still love to stay in touch.

Although it’s still in BETA, we want customers to be able to easily find a tradie all over Australia within moments using Feex.

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Keep in touch until you DO need to use Feex (touch wood that’s not too soon).